Welcome! This is the official homepage for the artwork of Kristin Davis, also known as Tallon or Alai Tallon. Be sure to check it out in the "Art" section. Do you like the site? Or would you like anything else on it? Please, drop me a mail at tallon AT alai-tallon DOT com if you have comments, suggestions, questions, or tips.

Last Updated February 26, 2006

Wow! Welcome to my new site design! I did some major "cleaning-up" over the past few months and have made a (hopefully) prettier, easier to navigate, and more useful site than before. I hope you guys like the new design and I apologize if you preferred the old one. I just felt that the best thing I could do for this site after two years of dormancy was to give it a fresh start and rework it from the bottom up. Let me know what you think!